Customer Experience is the sum total of all interactions, thoughts, and emotions a person associates with your company. CX is a more sophisticated way to understand, benchmark, and manage how customers experience your company. We understand the power of CX. We are positioned to leverage this framework to help companies identify customer needs and take action to provide real value. Rather than companies considering how to produce products or offer services, CX is oriented toward people who are living their lives & occasionally need to get a job done.

Key Elements of CX

Customer experience management typically includes three parts: the Purchase Journey, the Touch-points customers pass through on the journey, and the different customer Personas that represent the different types of customers who use a product or service.

Purchase Journey

Everything begins with the Purchase Journey – a visual approach to understanding the world from the context of a person who needs to accomplish a task.

In categories which constantly evolve and/or hold potential for disruption, the journey a valuable tool to give companies a more comprehensive view of the competitive context for their products & services. It can uncover hidden threats and unexpected opportunities to serve customers better. Begin to manage based on the life time value of customers.

Purchase Journey – CX
Touch-Points – CX


Touch-points are the individual interactions a person has as they progress along their journey to accomplish their task. The interaction is some time with the company, influencers, or other sources of information.

It’s important for companies to understand customers’ expectations at these points and role of the interaction in accomplishing the overall task. This represents an opportunity for brands to add additional value, help the customer move forward, or to get out of the way. The first evaluation should be to identify customer pain points and understand if the brand can reduce the pain, increase the speed, or illuminate it entirely.


A persona is a fact-based representation of an actual customer and is developed to brand team build empathy for individual customers groups, incorporate different need states, and bring these representations into the brand planning and strategy development.

Leveraging personas always companies to prioritize touch-points, by persona to account for important differences. Solid personas allow cross-functional teams to understand the range of customers as real people with specific tasks to accomplish. It also helps team build distinct solutions for a specific persona based on a deep understanding of their specific needs.

Personas – CX

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