Business to Business

Business-to-business marketing has changed. The same forces that are remaking the consumer landscape are impacting business-to-business marketplaces as well. It is more critical than ever for marketers to understand digital transformations, dissolving barriers to competition, and shifts in buyer behaviors in B2B markets.

We are experts at finding your B2B decision makers and helping you understand how to deliver what your audience values most.

Audience Discovery

We help you add to your foundational knowledge of your customers, understand their unique business challenges, and develop solutions to solve specific problems for them. We have developed a deceptively simple methodology to quickly pinpoint your customers’ most pressing unmet needs. Our approach will:

  • Identify how your audience prioritizes their needs
  • Create a snapshot of the current situation from your customers’ point of view
  • Understand the language your customers use to talk about the category & your products
  • Generate a high-level customer journey and where your services stand

B2B Persona Builder

While business buyers have some similarities with consumers, what builds confidence and trust in your products and services are very specific. Our approach will provide a clear understanding of the key targets your company must engage and what motivates them most to help you drive sales. Our approach will deliver:

  • Understanding of your category buyers’ unique needs, features, and functionality sought
  • Clear picture of your prospects’ expectations and how they’re likely to react to your specific messaging
  • Descriptions of the real people who could buy from your company with backgrounds, goals, and values
  • Prioritization of which groups are more valuable to your company or more predisposed to your offers

B2B Buyers Journey

Business purchase journeys are typically much more complex than in the consumer world. It is more important than ever that your company understands the “natural journey” customers take, often well before they interact with you.

Your customers expect you to deliver value throughout the journey from inspiration, discovery, evaluation, all the way through ownership. This research will identify the natural steps in the journey, identify which are most critical, and gauge how your company is performing at those key touch-point. This approach will:

  • Identify the decision to invest in your category from the trigger event through ownership and use
  • Uncover the development of decision criteria, information gathering, evaluation, and specific feature needs
  • Areas of friction throughout the process, including barriers to purchase, value concerns, or delivery concerns

B2B Positioning

Much like in the consumer marketplace, the competitive landscape in every B2B vertical is in constant transformation. Whether you are changing your positioning or interested in the impact of a new competitor, this will uncover the marketing dynamics within your category and where you stand in your customer’s eyes. This approach will:

  • Determine the primary and secondary drivers to choosing a solution in your category
  • Establish the effectiveness of each your and competitive company’s positioning through customers likelihood to purchase, believability of benefit delivery, and distinctiveness among your core prospects
  • Identify specific facets of each company’s positioning that resonate most with customers
  • Provide in-depth profiles of your high priority prospects to aid targeted messaging and acquisition efforts

We help aggressive business-to-business brands navigate continuous change.

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