The Post COVID-19 Customer Pulse is tailored to growth-focused companies

Russell Research uses custom research to help companies uncover how competitive sets and purchase paths have shifted or been completely redefined during this time with our Post COVID-19 Customer Pulse.

Our consumer and B2B custom methodology is scalable to meet your specific needs based on the key decisions you need to make:

  • Redefined Brand Preference: Understand they what is evolving in brand evaluation criteria and which brands you are really competing with.
  • Reshaping Category Dynamics: Identify the new paths to purchase and the range of new competitive suppliers and solutions.
  • HumanLens Approach: Explore your customers’ needs in terms of solution arenas beyond traditional categories and usual audiences.

The Post COVID-19 Customer Pulse will be tailored to either consumer or B2B to match your needs and can be scaled to answer the specific questions you need to make.

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