What started in 1946 has grown to a team of 80 innovative, strategy-driven research professionals. Our mission then and now is to provide business strategists the marketplace understanding to compete in today’s evolving business world. Today we apply this experience to leverage new tools & techniques to empower our clients’ decisions & strategies. Customer Experience is a powerful management tool that many of our clients are using to drive business results. To see how we can help you, contact us today.

Russell’s Core Values

Fuels Insight

We provide you with insight to empower your brand, products, and services.

Modern Arsenal
of Tools & Talent

Whether you are just starting CX or an experienced practitioner, we have tools and processes to help you make the most of customer understanding.


Leveraging leading-edge technology and continuously developing new techniques, we’re at the forefront of the market research industry.


We are continually updating and refining our internal tools to deliver actionable customer understanding & contextual information to empower your strategies.

Russell Leadership

Memberships & Certifications

Focus Crossroads

Learn about our sister company – a Qualitative Research Facility.